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Jessie Anderson/Ferrier

(ca1842-15 April 1900)






Jessie (CR), the youngest of David and Martha’s daughters, lived at home until her marriage to George Hunter (GH) Ferrier (1829-99) in 1870. Perhaps she was named after her paternal grandmother, Janet Lowrie, if Janet really was known as Jessie.



Jessie and George




William          George Anderson          Charles          Winifred Ellen 

                                             (1871-)                   (1873-1950?)                   (1876-)                (1880-1960)



Thirteen years older than Jessie, GH was one of Dundee’s linen merchants when they married. He was an active community man, at

times president of the local bowling club (in which he held shares) and a leading member of Broughty Ferry’s St Luke’s Free Church. A George H Ferrier joined the Church’s Deacons’ Court in 1893. A Deacons’ Court in the Scottish Free Church manages a parish’s secular affairs, an appointment to the Court is for life unless an incumbent moves away from the parish or resigns.

GH died of chronic Bright’s Disease (a kidney condition now known as nephritis) at home, Struan Lodge, West Ferry. An obituary reports

he had been closely involved with James Smieton & Sons, manufacturers (I haven’t found of what) for many years, acting as merchant on their behalf. His more immediate interest was his jute and linen concern, Ferrier and Company. His estate when he died was valued at £4,522/12/4.

I have tried to discover more about Struan Lodge because it is unclear whether this was a private house or a public building. There appear to

be Struan Lodges elsewhere in Scotland; thanks to Josephine's mother-in-law, Jean (whose house is named Struan), I know that 'struan' is Gaelic for little burn/stream so should be expected to be found throughout the country with its multitude of streams with their many bankside buildings. The 1896 Dundee register has Struan Lodge as GH's registered address but 1 Seafield Tce as his home address. There are other companies registered at Struan Lodge, Broughty Ferry, not to mention some births and deaths. In his will, Jessie is sole executor and beneficiary, her residential address is recorded as Struan Lodge as it is on her death record. All very mysterious.

I have very little information about the Ferriers. Jessie remained in Broughty Ferry when the rest of her siblings left for pastures new. She

died, exhausted, from goitre disease that increasingly impaired both her breathing and swallowing during her final year. Jessie’s estate was £2,112/11/3, probate to her son, Charles, and Edward Cowan, solicitor. It looks as though her four children either died or migrated to the New World, and that none of them became parents, so that GH and Jessie’s line came to an end.




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